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"Some of the most recent brain research has discovered that our brains are wired for negative stimuli more than positive stimuli. One researcher said that our brains are like Velcro for negative experiences but like Teflon for positive ones. We tend to overestimate how bad a danger is & underestimate how valuable a positive experience can be ... There’s a tiny part of the brain called the amygdala that’s responsible for such things. When it picks up a negative experience, it sends that experience into long-term storage immediately. But we have to focus on a positive experience for about twelve seconds before it gets stored." (Dr. Mike Bechtle)

... 12 seconds! - sheesh! In our world we have often moved on by then. This is why SRBC Bible studies are so important to me. Focus on the positive of God's love & truth. Honestly, I'm not allowed in my head without supervision.

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